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The thought of any cancer can be daunting, so our dental professionals here at Family Dental Associates want to give you the best care for you and your smile. This includes oral cancer exam screenings at every checkup, so be sure to visit our office at least twice a year.

Oral cancer is a type of throat, face, and mouth cancer that can result in tissues with cancer lining the cheeks, gums, lips, or other parts of the mouth as well as parts of the neck close to the throat. It’s important to know the risks at an early age to prevent any issues in the future. Inform your children of these risks while they’re young to create good prevention habits.

Many of these risks can be connected to poor nutrition, inactivity, too much exposure to the sun, excessive tobacco and alcohol use, and obesity. Other risks include infections erupting, spread chemicals, or inherited mutations, immune disorders, and hormones. These can be typically seen or felt by different symptoms.

These signs include unexplained discoloration or sores in the mouth, on the tongue, throat, or gums. These sores can create unexplained bleeding, pain, and trouble breathing or swallowing. A sore throat or feelings in the back of the throat that doesn’t go away is another sign of oral cancer. Pain in the throat, face, neck, ears, or bite are other indications.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, be sure to visit our office here in Miami, Oklahoma, or if you are having extreme symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Visit Family Dental Associates at least twice a year to get your regular screening for oral cancer. Call us at 918-542-3337 to set up a consultation or appointment today!