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If you are looking for the best dental tools for your oral health, then we have some exciting news for you! Flossing is essential to positive oral health and is needed to help keep your smile healthy. There are many different kinds of dental floss tools to choose from at the store. To help you navigate, our team is happy to share some information with you.

Our dentists, Dr. Mark Folks and Dr. Matthew Keim with Family Dental Associates in Miami, Oklahoma, encourage people to floss to keep their smile healthy. Yet, many people seem to ignore this advice or seem lost in choosing the best way to floss. As a result, our dental team is happy to share with you the most popular types of dental floss, so you can see which style is best for your needs.

Unwaxed dental floss:

Unwaxed dental floss is more commonly known as traditional threaded dental floss. The style of this floss can be challenging to slide between crooked teeth or teeth that are fit tight together, which could be painful to try. As a result, unwaxed floss is generally best for people who have experienced orthodontic treatment or have a healthy alignment, because the teeth are in the ideal position making it easier for the floss to flow between your teeth.

Waxed floss:

Waxed floss is a second traditional style of dental floss that has a slick, waxy substance on the floss string. The slip-and-slide wax makes it easy for the floss to gently slide between teeth that are too tight and crooked. Waxed floss is excellent for people who find it hard to place dental floss between your teeth gently.

Water flossers:

A water flosser has become more a favorite dental tool for every home. Water flossers work through the use of water pressure to clean between your teeth and along the gums with a steady beam of water. Water flossers are mild on the teeth and gums and have been proven to be effective through various studies.

Floss picks, also known as professional flossers:

Floss picks, or professional flossers, have numerous names. Flossing picks are shaped like a “C” with a string of floss between the sides and a sharp pick on the handle. This floss is great for people who dislike the traditional floss around their fingers. However, because the string is short, you use multiple flossing picks than conventional floss, and some angles around your teeth are still harder to reach with the picks.

Remember that any dental floss is better than never flossing at all. Flossing can help keep your smile clean and healthy for years to come if you do it daily with your regular brushing habits. To help you learn more about your oral health, please call us today at 918-542-3337 for a checkup. Our dental team is happy to give you an oral health evaluation and help you in any way we possibly can.