The Link Between a Healthy Smile and a Healthy Heart

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Did you know there is a link between a healthy smile and a healthy heart? Ironically, this is true! Heart disease has been linked to your oral health thanks to medical advances in dentistry. The health of your smile is essential to keeping your body at a much lower risk of severe health conditions.

Our dentists, Dr. Mark Folks and Dr. Matthew Keim, care about your oral health and are happy to help you keep it in top-notch shape. That is why our team in Miami, Oklahoma, has provided you some information on the link between a healthy smile and a healthy heart. Here is a list of intel on the connection between heart disease and your smile.

– By providing adequate oral health care and routine visits to your dentist, you can lower your risk for heart ailments.
– If you have unhealthy gums or are suffering from gum disease, you will be at a greater risk for heart disease.
– If you have poor oral health care, you can end up suffering from a heart condition known as endocarditis.
– Heart disease is linked to your oral health because bacteria from your mouth can be spread into other parts of your body, including your bloodstream.
– Poor oral hygiene can increase your risk for atherosclerosis and strokes.
– To keep your oral health in check and your risk for heart disease low, brush and floss on a daily basis.

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