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If you are working toward reducing your daily sugar intake, Dr. Mark Folks wants you to be aware of the foods that you may not know contain sugar, especially food that doesn’t taste sweet. This is especially risky since too much sugar can decrease your dental and physical health.

Here are a few facts about how much sugar you may be consuming:

– The average person eats about 140 teaspoons, or 700g, of sugar on a weekly basis, according to multiple studies performed.
– A 12-ounce Coke equates to about nine teaspoons of sugar.
– The average ketchup bottle contains about 23% sugar.

You may not see “sugar” on a nutrition label, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t sugar in the food. There are many names for sugar, including sucrose, maltose, fructose, hydrolyzed starch, honey, and corn syrup. It’s impossible to remove all sugar from your diet, but you don’t have to. Sugar in moderation is fine and makes life more fun. To protect your smile from being affected by sugar, we encourage you to take the following steps:

– Brush your teeth twice a day half an hour after eating.

– Eat foods that are good for you, and reduce snacking between meals.
– Floss every day.
– Purchase a new toothbrush every three months or when the bristles begin to fray.
– Visit your dentist regularly.

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