Dental Tips for a Great Vacation

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There is never a good time for a toothache or other dental problem, but an oral health issue can be especially miserable if you are on vacation. To help you avoid dental problems during your time away, we have compiled a few tips.

First, schedule a checkup for everyone in the family. Our dentists, Dr. Mark Folks or Dr. Matthew Keim can check for any problems that might give you trouble while you are traveling, and address them in the office so you can enjoy your trip. Keep your dentist’s business card with your health insurance card in case a dental emergency arises and you need to contact him. It’s also a good idea to tell your dentist where you are going so he can give you a referral if a problem arises when you are on the road.

You need to keep up your dental hygiene when you travel, so if you are driving, you should brush your teeth when you make a pit stop, or if you are flying you can brush during a long layover. A travel toothbrush is easy to carry, and you can throw it away when you come home. Make sure to keep your toothbrush clean and dry, and store it away from other objects in your luggage, and if you using toothpaste with a flip-top cap can keep you from dropping the cap on the floor of a hotel or public restroom. Fun foods and drinks are parts of any good vacation, but make sure that you enjoy them in moderation, and be sure to drink plenty of water and enjoy tooth-friendly snacks.

A healthy smile can make for a great vacation. If you are getting ready to hit the road, and need a pre-vacation checkup in Miami, Oklahoma, call 918-542-3337 today to schedule your appointment at Family Dental Associates.