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True, dental porcelain has not been around as long as gold or stainless steel, but it is quickly becoming the most popular material for dental crowns. Why? Because of its aesthetic quality, durability, and comfort. Dr. Mark Folks and Dr. Matthew Keim can use porcelain dental crowns to make your smile look beautiful and natural. 

Porcelain is a tooth-colored material that comes in a wide variety of shades, making it the perfect choice to match your natural smile. By creating a dental crown that blends seamlessly with your surrounding teeth, our dentists can easily restore a damaged or weakened tooth without revealing that you had dental work done.

Second, porcelain is a very durable material, and advances in dentistry continue to enhance its strength and durability. As a stain-resistant material, porcelain can keep your crown looking healthy and polished for several years. On average, a porcelain dental crown lasts up to 15 years if it receives proper care on a daily basis, which makes the purchase of a porcelain dental crown very cost effective.

Third and finally, dental porcelain material is among the most moldable materials, easily fitting the shape and size of any tooth. Our dentists can use dental porcelain to create a dental crown for any tooth in your smile, and the high quality of the fit and feel hide the fact that you are wearing a dental crown at all.

Our dentists and team at Family Dental Associates are thrilled to provide you with the option of high-quality porcelain dental crowns in Miami, Oklahoma. We are pleased to offer dental options that match your natural teeth and invite you to schedule a consultation at our office for more information. Contact us at 918-542-3337 today!