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Fractured tooth enamel can sometimes be painful driving the patient to seek immediate dental care. However, some dental fractures that are limited to the tooth’s enamel layer might not cause immediate pain or sensitivity. Yet you shouldn’t let the lack of discomfort lure you into the notion that the tooth doesn’t require treatment.

Sometimes the damage to the tooth’s enamel layer can compromise the structural integrity of the tooth, which could increase your chances of suffering a more severe fracture. At the same time the aberrant textures of the compromised tooth enamel could also come to foster a severe case of tooth decay.

The wisest course of action is to seek professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Mark Folks. In a case where the damage to the tooth enamel is minimal he might be able to treat the tooth by applying a simple dental filling.

A treatment strategy like this often requires him to remove a small amount of the surrounding tooth enamel to prepare a surface that will securely bond the dental filling. Once it has been hardened and secured to the tooth enamel it will sufficiently restore the tooth’s structural integrity.

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